Engraving modules for 3D printers and CNC machines. Not so long ago lasers were mainly considered as topic of fiction. Today, laser-based equipment is increasingly used. Currently, such devices are becoming more and more known, firmly gaining on popularity. There are a number of common uses for different engravers that we can divide according to their technical requirements and power. Laser heads are a group of modules for which demand is steadily increasing. Devices of this type have been carefully designed, with built-in overheating protection that automatically switches off the laser if the temperature exceeds. Dedicated housing of such laser modules enables heat dissipation, mounting to the surface or in the holder, constantly protecting laser diode against dust and smoke.

Arts, Crafts and Projects
The PLH3D-Series compact form and light weight allow it to be compatible with nearly any 3D printer or CNC machine and its low cost with a small budget. The beam is capable of cutting cardboard, balsa, thinner woods, fabrics or plastic. High quality 3D surface profiles can be created in wood with this laser.

Stationery and Greeting /Business Cards
The greeting and business card industry can create patterns with fast marking or cutting of cardboard, paper as well as plastics and special laminates. Painted glass can also be engraved. The units small size and weight fits most machines and allows to repair old CO2 machines with a modern 450 nm light source.

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Lasers have become established in the modern world for good. They are used both in industry and by hobbyists. The company Opt Lasers is a European manufacturer of laser heads, subassemblies for CNC devices and accessories and various types of controllers.